Bay Area Landscape & Hardscapes Boost Property Value

Arbortech Tree Care & Landscaping specializes in designing and constructing a variety of hardscapes and landscape features such as decorative concrete, pavers, retaining walls, water-saving irrigation systems, arbors, stonework, lighting, water features, outdoor living areas, and much more. Tips on Landscaping Walkways – It’s really useful to have walkways in your property because they make […]

Summer Safety

With the onset of summer months comes the drying of our lands. As temperatures peak, humidity drops and the summer winds blow, the potential for wild land fires increase. Dead trees are an extreme fire danger, as they allow wildfires to spread more rapidly. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, […]

We Are Committed to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Arbortech Tree Care & Landscape Inc. is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, in an effort to make the Earth a more sustainable place. We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly company. That is why over 90% of Arbortech’s green waste is sent to a co-generation plant to produce electricity. This is a win-win situation […]

Fire Safety in California

Don’t Fuel the Fire Nearly every state has experienced fires that rage out of control in the landscape. While the largest and most devastating burn here in the West, fires also spread in the East and South, where the suburb meets country or housing development meets conservation land. This becomes more apparent when you are […]

Benefits of Trees

Trees have provided us with the essentials, food, and oxygen, since the beginning of time. As we evolved, trees provided additional necessities such as shelter, medicine, tools, and building materials. Today, their value and contribution continue to increase as we discover even more benefits from it. Read below to discover a couple of largely unheard-of […]

Nature’s Air Conditioners

If you have ever escaped from the blazing hot sun in a shady spot under a tree, you know how these natural air conditioners can make you feel more comfortable. A mature shade tree can block up to 90 percent of solar radiation, which could translate to a significant reduction in your home cooling cost. […]

Getting to the ROOT of the Problem

One of the major causes of tree failure is root damage. When a tree’s root system has been extensively damaged, the whole tree can fall to the ground – or onto your house. “Most homeowners will look at a tree’s branches, and if there is no visible problem, they will determine that the tree is […]

Spring Planting Season

As winter thaws into spring, many homeowners are poised to take advantage of prime tree-planting season. Establishing new trees early can aid their growth throughout the year, and help them survive when hot weather arrives. But with so many tree species to choose from, how can homeowners know which trees are best suited for their […]

My Trees Are Growing Into The Power Lines

So you have a tree that is growing into or has grown into the electrical wires. You tried calling PG&E, but they told you it could be months until they can send someone out to prune the tree. At this step, many homeowners step up to the challenge and attempt to prune their own trees. […]

Hiring the Best “Tree Removal or Tree Cutting Company Near Me”

Google has made our lives much easier. Now with the push of a couple of buttons we can search for “Tree Removal Near Me” and find service providers in a matter of seconds. You may have even searched for “Tree Removal Near Me” and have found yourself visiting this page. Although the step of finding […]