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Google has made our lives much easier. Now with the push of a couple of buttons we can search for “Tree Removal Near Me” and find service providers in a matter of seconds. You may have even searched for “Tree Removal Near Me” and have found yourself visiting this page. Although the step of finding Tree Care companies has become easier, finding a legitimate one may prove to be a little more difficult.

After reading this short blog, you will be able to justify your decision in hiring a tree care company and what you should be looking for when hiring a tree care company.


  • Safety – Trimming your own trees can be hazardous. Tree care companies carry work-specific tools that assist them with trimming or removing a tree. If these tools are improperly handled, could lead to severe injury. Trees can grow to massive sizes, a simple branch from an older tree has the ability to damage your roof, car, or even a loved one.
  • Legalities – Many counties and cities have complicated tree ordinances and it can be hard to navigate for someone outside of the tree industry. By hiring a tree care company, you can avoid this tedious work. The tree care company that you hire should be well-versed with local property laws, licensing requirements, zoning regulations and any tree protection ordinances. Click here to learn more.
  • Tree Health – The health of the tree is of utmost importance when providing any tree care service. Improper cutting might temporarily remove an eyesore, but this can cause further complications for the future of the tree. A tree care company will be able to complete the services that were asked for, all while properly maintaining the health of the tree. A tree care professional will also be able to carefully assess the tree for any underlying or hard to notice diseases.
  • Efficiency – Tree care work requires effort, time and appropriate tools. Hiring a tree care company will let you relax, knowing that your trees are getting proper treatment. A tree care professional will take significantly less time working on the trees, making it a quicker process for you to enjoy your space.

In order to make sure everything is well-taken care of, you should check tree care companies for the right credentials/licensure, insurance, using the necessary safety equipment and proper procedures when doing the tree care work. On top of the obvious business certifications a contractor should have, tree care companies should be fully insured and have worker’s comp insurance as well. The tree care company should also be employing ISA Certified Arborist/s to ensure that they have sufficient tree care knowledge.

At ArborTech Tree Care Inc., we have all these bases covered. So if you’re looking to hire the BEST company for “Tree Removal Near Me” or “Tree Cutting Near Me”, make sure to give us a call at (510)881-8733 or click here to schedule your free estimate appointment.

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