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Winter weather can sometimes be gloomy, but in places that have mild weather, it can be an optimal time to plant trees. Planting them in the winter allows them time to get settled in their new environments before the warm weather comes back. During the spring and summer, those trees will be ready to develop and thrive. Here are three reasons why planting trees in the winter makes sense.

1. They Can Develop Their Roots Without Stress

In many areas of California, the climate is optimal for growing a variety of trees. Deciduous trees do well, as do fruit trees like figs, pomegranates, and apples. Many of these trees do better when planted in the winter, which is their dormant season. During this quieter time in their lives, it may be easier for them to establish and spread out their roots. Then, in the spring, they can focus their attention on developing flowers or growing new branches. The trees won’t have to split their time between establishing roots and generating new growth. Further, planting during the winter reduces the chance that trees will experience shock during the move.

2. They’re Ready to Soak Up Rainwater

Winters in California tend to be wet, especially in comparison with the hot, dry summers. When you plant trees in the summer, they have a lot to deal with. One of the factors that may impede their growth is the lack of water. If you end up having to water them, you may be consuming a lot of resources. This could be a concern, especially in communities that have water restrictions in the summer. Planting trees in the winter allows them to drink up all the rain that falls in this season. After a storm, the soil won’t dry up as quickly as it would in the summer, and the trees can continue to enjoy a moist environment.

3. It’s Easier to Get Professional Help in the Winter

Arborist services cover a wide range of things, including tree removal, landscape construction, and tree trimming. With all of these skills, arborists can be quite busy in the warmer months when many people are thinking about their yards and spending more time outdoors. For this reason, it may work in your favor to have your trees planted in the winter. Professional landscaping and tree service companies usually have more flexible schedules in the winter, and that’s why you might have an easier time booking an appointment quickly when reaching out during this season.

The winter can be an ideal time to add trees to your yard. If you could use professional assistance with selecting species, picking out individual trees, transporting them, and planting them, we’re ready to step in. Please reach out to us at ArborTech Inc when you’d like to set up an appointment at your place in Hayward.

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