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With the onset of summer months comes the drying of our lands. As temperatures peak, humidity drops and the summer winds blow, the potential for wild land fires increase. Dead trees are an extreme fire danger, as they allow wildfires to spread more rapidly. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, please keep in mind that the entire tree needs to be removed to reduce wildfire risk.

“California law (PRC 4291) requires property owners and/or occupants to create 100 feet of DEFENSIBLE SPACE around homes and buildings”

In January 2005 a new state law became effective that extended the defensible space clearance around homes and structures from 30 feet to 100 feet. Defensible Space is your property’s front-line defense against wildfire. Creating and maintaining defensible space around your home can increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

Remember that trees and power lines don’t mix. Please plan before you plant and make sure you plant far away from power lines. Also, remember to pick a type of tree that won’t grow big enough to touch the power lines.

  • Remove all branches within 10 feet of any chimney
  • Remove all dead and dying trees, branches and shrubs or other plants adjacent to or overhanging buildings
A visual-aid showing horizontal spacing for grass, trees, and shrubs

Horizontal Spacing:

The spacing between grass, shrubs, and trees is critical to reducing the spread of wildfire. The spacing needed is determined by the type and size of trees, as well as the slope of the land. For example, a property on a steep slope with larger plant life will require greater spacing between trees and shrubs than a one-level property.

Vertical Spacing:

  • Remove branches beneath large trees for a 6ft minimum clearance
  • Create proper vertical spacing between shrubs and the lowest branches of trees by using the formula shown in the image below
A visual-aid showing vertical spacing for grass, trees, and shrubs

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