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Safe Tree Removal Takes Planning, Tools and Expertise

Trees are tough, but pests, weather, and time can ultimately bring them to the end of their life. Perhaps you have a healthy tree that is just in the wrong spot for your landscaping goals. In either case, safe tree removal with the help of skilled professionals is key.

Taking the Tree Down Cleanly

Depending on the age and lean of your tree, removal specialists will need to cut it back to the trunk cleanly. Removing branches can leave a tree unbalanced and at risk of a fall, especially if the tree is diseased or damaged.

Once the tree has been cut back to the trunk, a fall path must be determined for the trunk to tip. Fences, outbuildings, and other structures can make this planning difficult. Power lines must also be considered if the tree is quite tall or old.

Finally, the stump must be removed or ground out. If your plans include planting shrubs or another tree, full removal of the existing stump is necessary to allow your landscapers to fill in the tree site and smooth the soil. Pulling out the stump of a tree requires heavy equipment.

Pest Concerns

Once the tree has lost leaves, keep an eye on the area around it. Stinging insects may have moved in if the tree is old, damaged, or diseased. Your tree professional can help you connect with the best people to relocate bees or address these insects before they hurt someone.

Trees hollowed by disease can become homes to larger pests. If a tree has been dying for a while, rats, raccoons, skunks, or snakes may call it home. Because many of these pests are nocturnal, you may not notice them on your property. Again, your tree professional can provide information on addressing any pests inside a tree.

Disease or Age?

If your tree is diseased and one of several trees of the same species in your neighborhood, it’s crucial that it be taken out and disposed of safely. Diseases that impact trees can be fungal or bacterial and spread quickly through a neighborhood if allowed to stand.

Those with a fire pit may prefer to keep any wood that can be safely burned during cool evenings. If you have the means to process firewood once the tree is down, discuss your options with your tree removal professional.

The team at ArborTech Inc can protect your Hayward, CA property with a carefully planned and safe tree removal.

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