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Reasons To Remove A Tree From Your Property

There are plenty of reasons why property owners choose to remove trees from their yard, and none of them are necessarily bad. However, there are a few motivations that are definitely more important and pressing than just personal landscaping preference. Every property owner should know how to recognize when something is wrong with their trees and when complete removal might be in their best interest.

1. It’s Dead or Dying

Trees usually die very slowly, even when there’s serious damage from an immediate source like a lightning strike or car accident. Just because one branch rots or falls doesn’t mean the whole tree is doomed, but continued branch loss or visible decay of the trunk usually means the condition is terminal. Removing these trees quickly is the best way to limit risk of personal injury and prevent other complications that could arise.

2. Loss of Stability

Even healthy trees can quickly become a threat if they lose a solid and stable connection with the soil beneath them. This can happen suddenly or in steady increments over many years with erosion of the soil, damage to the root structure, or pressure from high-speed winds. Removal may be the best option if the trunk is visibly leaning or if a significant portion of the root structure is exposed.

3. Bad Growth or Position

Not all trees are planted with purpose and pruned to encourage optimal formation. Dealing with bad growth, like uneven branches or split trunks, is often a difficult prospect without a lot of delicate professional care. Removing a tree is often the best way to make room for a new one or to clear space for a swimming pool, shed, or other outdoor feature.

4. Pest Infestation

Termites are the first thing that most people think of when it comes to wood-eating pests, and that’s for good reason. These insets, like other wood-destroying bugs, are typically drawn to dead or rotting wood in fallen trunks or stumps. However, once they’ve consumed their primary food source, they can target the living wood of healthy trees or even the structural supports of nearby buildings. The presence of any kind of wood pest should prompt immediate inspection and removal when possible.

5. Contagious Disease

Infection from a contagious tree disease can be a serious problem, especially when found near natural preserves or commercial nurseries. Bacterial and fungal diseases aren’t always lethal, but property owners should remain vigilant as they check for and remove infected tissue from their trees. Prompt removal is usually the best way to prevent an outbreak from spreading.

Be Ready for Tree Removal

If you aren’t sure about the viability of one or more of your trees, then consider contacting a professional team to take a look at them and help you make a final assessment on whether they should come down. Residents of Hayward, CA can rely on ArborTech Inc for complete tree removal and other essential tree services, so don’t hesitate to call us and set up an appointment.

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