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Keep Your Commercial Property Looking Sharp by Keeping Plantings Healthy

During the winter months, the trees on your commercial property will probably go dormant. Now is the time to get them checked out and trimmed by a skilled arborist. You lower the risk that your trees will be damaged by storms or threatened by pests with regular monitoring by a well-trained professional.

Healthy Trees Can Withstand Severe Weather

Whether it’s heavy rain or high winds, weather can be very hard on your trees. If you have trees on your commercial property that are close to the building, you may be setting yourself up for foundation problems or even at risk from falling branches.

Trees that are too thickly canopied are at greater risk of wind damage. Those who have trees that shade a parking spot may want to get them checked out before the canopy buds and the leaves open.

Damaged Trees Are Vulnerable to Disease

Once a tree has lost a branch, there’s a chance that the breach in the bark will let in pests. Bacteria and fungi can enter these breaks in the tissue of the tree, further weakening the tree.

Dead trees can also be a home for bees. If your goal is to support pollinators, it may be wiser to bring in a beekeeper and move the queen before you get the tree trimmed. However, dead and dying trees can also bring in other stinging pests that can soon look to make a home elsewhere on your property.

If the tree is so damaged that it needs to come out, our professionals can help with each step of the removal process. We’ll safely remove the tree and either grind or remove the stump to prevent decay and disease from attacking your other trees.

Sometimes a Tree Must Go

If you’re considering an expansion of your manufacturing space or need more square footage for storage, a tree may have to go. Our team can take down the tree, take out the stump, and even up the ground before your new building project begins.

Additional Services

Our team of trained arborists can help in other ways. If you’ve got a thick canopy of trees over your parking lot, you may struggle to grow grass or ground coverings along the edge of the asphalt. Once the trees are trimmed and more light can pass through, we can help you create plantings that will thrive in this area of partial sun.

A good trimming can greatly improve the health of your trees. You might also choose to add a new tree or new shrubs to your landscape. Call ArborTech Inc in Hayward, CA to get help with creating a schedule for tree care for your business.

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