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How Summer Commercial Tree Care Can Benefit You

Summer commercial tree care is essential for helping a business owner enhance their professional image by making their landscape look well-maintained, and it also reduces the risk of safety hazards. Here is how working with an arborist who specializes in professional tree care this summer can benefit your business.

Improving Safety

It is critical to take measures to make certain that your business establishment is safe for both your workers and patrons. Hazards can result in a loss of productivity as well as revenue. Arborists can remove trees that are at risk of falling, damaging property or injuring people. They can also prune back branches that are too close to the building to prevent your trees from posing a risk during storms.

Promoting Tree Health

The summer temperatures can be harsh on trees, especially if they are extreme or when severe storms hit. Commercial tree care services promote tree health so that they can weather storms and thrive in all sorts of conditions.

Customized Care and Maintenance

Each business has unique needs, and arborists will customize an individual care plan. They will consult with you to ask you how you want your trees shaped, and they will also consider the various species of trees on your property.

Professional Advice and Long-Term Planning

In addition to meeting your immediate needs, professional arborists will construct a long-term care plan to make certain that your trees remain healthy for many years to come. They will give you advice concerning measures you can take to keep pests at bay, and they can help you plan for new growth in case you should want to plant more trees.

Increasing Property Value

Landscapes that are well-maintained and attractive have been known to increase property values. If you should ever want to sell your property and relate your business, you will be able to command a decent asking price.

Providing Nutrients

Just as animals and humans need nutrients to thrive, trees are no different. While soil is nutrient rich, it gets depleted after a while. Arborists perform soil tests to see which nutrients are missing and add them back to the soil. Taking a targeted approach to providing nutrients will give your trees what they need to be at their best.

If you want to invest in your business, summer commercial tree care is the way to go. This is because you give the impression that you care about your company and your clients’ experiences. If you are in search of commercial tree care services in Hayward, CA, contact ArborTech Inc.

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