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5 Important Warning Signs That You Should Remove Your Tree

Realizing that one of your trees should be removed can put a damper on your day, especially if the tree adds to the beauty of your property. However, sometimes it’s necessary. Here are some warning signs that a tree should be removed.

1. Branches Fall Randomly and Often

If you find that you’re frequently picking up branches from the bottom of your tree, it should probably be removed. The branches may fall on people or parked cars below, making you liable. Sometimes, strong winds may cause one or two branches to drop. However, if branches are falling randomly and frequently, your tree could have a disease. Don’t take any chances. Schedule an inspection with an arborist to find out if you should remove the tree.

2. A Storm Has Destroyed Parts of the Tree

Unfortunately, an ice storm or a storm with strong winds can cause severe and permanent damage to your tree. Strong winds can rip the roots out of the ground, and an ice storm can literally split your tree in half. If the tree is half destroyed, or you believe it has sustained permanent damage, then it’s a good idea to remove it. If part of the tree has fallen and is blocking a pathway, you won’t have a choice. You’ll need to schedule removal immediately.

3. The Tree Is Dangerously Close to Your Home or Structure

It can be difficult to determine how a tree will grow when it’s a seedling. However, if the tree’s roots are too close to your house or garage, you may need to remove it. Sometimes, a tree’s roots can damage structures by spreading out underneath them. Other times, its branches may damage windows and walls. If you’re not sure, have an arborist inspect your tree to see if it’s damaging the structures on your property.

4. Your Tree Is Rotting

One of the saddest ways for a tree to die is to rot from within. It’s not always noticeable, but look at the trunk to see if you can spot any rotting. You may see soft wood that’s easy to break apart or fungi beginning to grow inside the trunk. Removal is necessary because a weak tree could easily fall, and the disease that’s rotting this tree could spread to the others on your property.

5. The Tree Is Leaning Dangerously to One Side

A leaning tree may look unique, but it can be dangerous. If there are strong gusts of wind, they could easily knock the tree over. This may result in damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, passing cars, and even passing pedestrians. If a tree is leaning precariously to one side, have an arborist inspect it to see how stable it is. Some trees do lean slightly in search of sunlight, but if the tree seems off-balance, then it probably is.

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